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How we can help

Capital support


We are long-term investors and focus on supporting innovation.

Community events

We have regular conferences and offer a space for our family of entrepreneurs to gather when they are in town.

Operational support


We provide our portfolio with access to our tools and guidance on market insights, recruitment, growth strategies and more.

Technical Support


The investment team has experienced entrepreneurs and researchers who can provide entrepreneurs with in-depth technical product support


OUR VISION was initiated by senior investors and entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry and has invested in several DeFi star projects, such as NEST. In the future, will focus on the layout of the global public chain DeFi ecology, and comprehensively evaluate its DeFi ecological projects from the aspects of public chain performance, security, and community. Provide financial support for promising DeFi innovation projects, as well as resource docking and consulting services to improve the success rate of DeFi innovation projects.

As a great blockchain financial innovation, DeFi is still in a very early stage and will form a trillion-scale market value in the future! It is believed that the establishment of will help the birth and growth of more high-quality DeFi projects.


We hope that more people can enjoy the convenience brought by open finance.


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